Selected  Honors and Awards

2009  Master Class, Estonia Academy of Art for Drawing Marathon for the Triennial of Drawing, Tallinn, Estonia.

2008 Chair, The Role of Classical Practices in the Digital Age, Mid America Print Council Conference, Fargo, N. D. and Morehead, Mn.

2007  Presenter, Impact 5  international printmaking conference, Tallinn, Estonia.  Paper:  Classical Practices:  Are Artists Still Embracing Them?

2006-07 Recipient, one-year sabbatical, visiting professor, Aristotle University, Thessaloniki, Greece and ISU grant for travel to collections and sites for new paintings.

2005  Panelist: The Enlightenment Aesthetic:  What Is left of This Tradition? Paper:  Meditation on an Icon.
Impact 4 international printmaking conference, Berlin, Germany and Poznan, Poland.

2005   Recipient, Artist residency at Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, Sweetbriar, Va.

2004    Keynote speaker, three-day symposium for exhibition “Coming of Age in Ancient Greece,” Cincinnati Art Museum, Cincinnati Oh.

2003    Residencies at Hungarian Multiculral Center, Budapest, Vermont Studio Center (USA.)

2003, 1997, 94     Recipient Individual Faculty Research Grant, ISU for continued development of lost wax bronze and assemblage sculpture.

2002    Commission by invitation to create five paintings to represent each of five collections for inauguration of Spurlock Museum of World Culture, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.

1999-00  One-year sabbatical, ISU to continue Relinquishing History Series and expand web site "Lost Art techniques in the Postmodern Era."

1998    Recipient International Study Grant to Taiwan, Rotary International and Individual Faculty Research Grant, ISU for research web site Lost Art Techniques in the Postmodern Era.

1990-91 Recipient Kentucky Foundation for Women Individual Artist Grant.

1987    Recipient NKU one-year sabbatical, Summer Research Fellowship in bronze casting, Project Grant and International Studies Travel Grant as Visiting Artist in Geneva, Switzerland.

1990, 1987 Recipient NKUProject Grant study of illuminating and gilding under Donald Jackson, Royal Society of Scribes and Illuminators and Paul Levy, Upbrook Studio, London.

1985    Recipient d Provost’s Matching Grant for research on university studio curriculum and contemporary, Fine Arts Academies of Krakow and Warsaw, Poland.

1982-3 Recipient Vilas Graduate Fellow, Schramm and Roper Award Grant, UW-Madison.

1968-73 Recipient Full Scholarships, four years, Art Institute of Chicago.