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453 Fell Hall, Illinois State University
Campus Box 4480, 610 S. University Ave.
Normal, IL 61790 USA

E-Mail: ctcarr at ilstu dot edu
Twitter: @CalebTCarrPhD
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COM 229: Organizational Comm.

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May, 2019 Media Psychology

The latest in my line off work into the process of identity shift is finally out in Media Psychology. New work with Dr. Rebecca A. Hayes explores the effects of selective self-presentation on brand identitfication. Does saying you're a Starbucks fan make you more Starbuck-y? This is crossed with whether you get feedback affirming or refuting your self-claim. Findings indicate feedback effects (a) interact with and (b) are stronger than self-presentational effects.


May, 2019 ICA 2019

Going to be in Washington D.C. for Memorial Day? Stop by the Washington Hilton for #ICA19. I'll be presenting one paper, have my work reflected in three others (including with colleagues Alex Hinck, Dr. Cameron Piercy, and Dr. Rebecca A. Hayes); and be a faculty mentor at this year's CAT/MCIG PhD consortium. The full ICA schedule is here. See you in D.C. for coffee, colleagues, and scholarship!


December, 2018 National Chengchi U - Taiwan

National Chengchi University's College of Communication grasciously invited me to Taiwan to discuss and collaborate on recent innovations in computer-mediated communication. I'll be presenting,From billboards to BBSs: Revisiting the old and xploring the new in computer-mediated communication on Thursday, 13 December. Thanks to Dr. T-A-M-M-Y Lin for the kind invitation and for hosting!


November, 2018 NCA - 2018

As 2,500 communication scholars descend on Salt Lake City this November, and I was happy to present some new thoughts and research (including a great piece driven by Dr. Cameron Piercy). Salt Lake City was a great host conference, and I survived #NCA18 enough to look forward to #NCA19 in Baltimore.



A Little About Caleb


Born at an early age just outside Flint, Michigan, Caleb T. Carr is an Associate Professor of Communication, and sometimes refers to himself in the third person. His research primarily explores computer-mediated communication as it converges organizational and interpersonal phenomena, decision making and the development and presentation of identity online; he also cares about your interests. In addition to scholarly pursuits, he has performed in London’s West End, water skied with alligators, and yodeled in the Alps. His career path has allowed him to pursue his passions of research, teaching, and skiing; though he sometimes restructures those priorities. He takes his cheesesteaks “with.”


A Little More About Caleb's Research


Although he has had training in qualitative analysis and rhetorical criticism, Caleb is epistemologically a quantitative researcher, who typically uses experiments and surveys to answer research questions. His research focuses on how individuals and organizations are blurring the line between personal and professional through technology. As effective lenses through which to explore these issues, Caleb's research has often used online discussions and group decision tasks, the popular online multiplayer game World of Warcraft, and online communities in his experiments. In survey research, interesting data is often authored from human resource practitioners and managers in organizations.

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Yet More About Caleb's Teaching


Though an avid and involved researcher, Caleb also enjoys teaching, particularly the opportunity to take material from the lab straight into the classroom to keep students abreast of the latest developments in their discipline. Caleb has taught many courses in several departments to an equally diverse array of students. With teaching experience in Business, Communication, and Telecommunication, he has taught to both traditional (i.e., undergraduates living on-campus) and non-traditional (i.e., returning, older, and telecommuter) students in both on-ground and online courses.

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COM229: Foundations of Organizational Communication

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