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Initial Reflective Essay Rubric
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Performance Assessment:
  Acceptable Unacceptable
Three virtues identified (17%)
The candidate has identified three virtues to develop The candidate has not identified three virtues to develop
Explanation of why three virtues were chosen (17%)
The candidate has explained why they chose the three virtues. The candidate has not explained why they chose all three virtues
Plans for development and attainment of all three virtues explained (17%)
The candidate has provided a plan for development of the three virtues The candidate has not provided a plan for development of all three virtues
Writing (17%)
Writing is well organized and clearly conveys ideas. Writing lacks logical development of ideas. The author's point of view is unclear.
grammar and spelling (17%)
The essay is free of significant grammatical and spelling errors. The essay contains numerous grammatical and spelling errors.
overall (17%)
The candidate has met all indicators The candidate has not met all indicators

 IL-ISU-1  MORAL VIRTUE: Sensitivity toward the varieties of individual and cultural diversity
 IL-ISU-2  MORAL VIRTUE: Disposition and ability to collaborate ethically and effectively with others
 IL-ISU-3  MORAL VIRTUE: Reverence for learning and the seriousness of personal, professional and public purpose
 IL-ISU-4  MORAL VIRTUE: Respect for learners of all ages, with special regard for children and adolescents
 IL-ISU-5  INTELLECTUAL VIRTUE: Wide general knowledge and deep knowledge of the content to be taught
 IL-ISU-6  INTELLECTUAL VIRTUE: Knowledge and appreciation of the diversity among learners
 IL-ISU-7  INTELLECTUAL VIRTUE: Understanding what affects learning and appropriate teaching strategies
 IL-ISU-8  INTELLECTUAL VIRTUE: Interest in and ability to seek out informational, technological, and collegial resources
 IL-ISU-9  INTELLECTUAL VIRTUE: Contagious intellectual enthusiasm and courage to be creative
 IL-PTS-1.E  K: TCT understands how a student's disability affects processes of inquiry and influences patterns of learning.
 IL-PTS-1.I  P: TCT designs learning experiences to promote student skills in the use of technologies appropriate to the discipline.
 IL-PTS-1.K  P: TCT uses a variety of explanations and multiple representations of concepts that capture key ideas to help students develop conceptual understanding.

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