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Media Quotes

I have been widely quoted on telecommunications, forecasting, renewable energy and wind energy, broadband mapping. Print quotes have appeared in the Wall Street Journal, Dow Jones Newswires, Associated Press, Reuters,,, Environmental News Network, Red Orbit Science, Newark Star Ledger, Central Penn Business Journal, the Pantagraph, the Peoria Journal Star, the Springfield Journal Register, Wind Today and Farm Week.

I have appeared on CNN's Lou Dobbs' Moneyline, WEEK, WMBD, Chicago Public Radio, and WJBC.

Just recently Mark Udall spoke on the Senate floor pushing Congress to pass an extension of the Production Tax Credit for wind energy. He mentions my study in this video:

Selected Quotes:

I was quoted on siting and zoning of wind farms in a Springfield Journal Register article (4/10/08).

I discussed Illinois State University's new Renewable Energy major that I helped develop in the Chicago Tribune (7/5/07), the Pantagraph (2/20/07), and Wind Today (3Q 2008).

I was quoted on broadband access in Illinois in the Peoria Journal Star (6/4/07) and Farm Week (8/13/07).

I discussed wind power in Illinois on Chicago Public Radio (4/10/07), Medill Reports (1/22/08), WEEK-TV (5/13/08).

I discussed electricty rates and markets in the Pantagraph (2/10/07).

I was quoted on wind energy economics in a Reuters article (11/06/05) which was picked up by,, Environmental News Network, Red Orbit Science and Red Orbit News.

I was part of a press conference to announce that ISU received a $1 million grant from the US Department of Energy. (7/15/05) (11/29/06)

I was on WEEK TV commenting on the $500,000 grant that my Wind Energy Team received from Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation to build a 1.5 MW Turbine on the ISU Farm in Lexington, IL. (Summer 2004)

I was quoted on telecommunications economics and public policy in the Wall Street Journal (4/23/02), Dow Jones Newswires (9/17/02) and Central Penn Business Journal (10/23/02) [PDF - page 1] [PDF - Page 2].

I was previously quoted in the Wall Street Journal (7/9/01) and (7/10/01) and interviewed on CNN's Moneyline with Lou Dobbs (7/31/01) and Newark Star Ledger (4/2/02) about Telecommunications and Forecasting.