Professional Life | David Loomis

David Loomis


I teach (or have taught) the following courses:

ECO 103 Individual and Social Choice

ECO 235 Telecom Economics and Public Policy

ECO 236 Economics of Energy and Public Policy

ECO 335 Economics of Regulation and Antitrust

ECO 320 Industrial Organization and Pricing

ECO 435 Regulation of Public Utilities

ECO 436.03 Seminar in Electricity, Natural Gas and Telecom Economics

ECO 495 Graduate Research in Applied Economics


My research interests are in the areas of regulatory economics, industrial organization, telecommunications, forecasting, demand analysis, and applied econometrics.


I am Executive Director of the Institute for Regulatory Policy Studies (IRPS), Director of the Center for Renewable Energy, and I was formerly Chair of the International Communications Forecasting Conference (ICFC). The ICFC was a four-day telecommunications conference focused on empirical issues that attracts people from universities and industry from the US and around the world. I also run the Energy Learning Exchange (ELE) under the Illinois Pathways Initiative. The ELE is a public-private partnership to help P-20 energy education in the state.