Human Memory Lab

Illinois State University

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Dr. Dawn McBride
DeGarmo 458

Angela Conte
Thesis Topic: TBA

Samantha Petrella
Thesis Topic: The Effects of Focality of Processing and Delay on Event-Based Prospective Memory

Sebastian Pazderski
Thesis Topic: "A comparison of forgetting rates in recognition of angry and happy faces"

Brandon Thomas, MS - 2012
Thesis Title: "Can discrepant categorical priming of cues support a spontaneous retrieval mechanism in prospective memory? "
CUrrently at Univeristy of Cincinnati, PhD program

Kate Hudson, MS - 2009
Thesis Title: "A comparison of focal and non-focal prospective memory tasks "

Eric Pierson, PhD - 2007
Dissertation Title: "Memory and mood: Mapping the cognitive-emotive structure"
Currently Assistant Professor at Ball State University

Christopher Wahlheim, MS - 2006
Thesis Title: "Generate/read effects in automatic memory: A functional comparison across tasks"
PhD from Washington University in Saint Louis,
Currently postdoc in Psychology Department at Washington University in Saint Louis

Jorie Colbert, MA - 2005
Thesis Title: 'The effects of test delays on false memories"
PhD from University of Utah,
Currently Director of the Office of Medical Education Services, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Bascom Raulerson III, MA - 2005
Thesis Title: "Dual task effects at retrieval in an implicit memory task"
PhD from St. Louis University,
Currently Assitant Professor at University of Southern Indiana

Jennifer Coane, MS - 2004
Thesis Title: "The role of retrieval in false recognition in the DRM paradigm"
PhD from Washington University,
Currently Assistant Professor at Colby College

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