List of MUSIC LIBRARIES, ARCHIVES, AND MORE... for music research classes

Notes: This list was developed from a list originating at the Sibelius Academy and shared with me by a colleague. Links were updated, enhanced, and added to create this resource for students in music research courses at Illinois State University and elsewhere. Users of the list should consider that some databases, especially from libraries, are commercial, require a subscription service, and may not be accessible to the browsing public. Typically one gets access to these resources through campus library web sites where there is an affiliation as a student, faculty, or staff. Where language translation is an issue, Google translate tools are helpful and readily available.

Please send updates and additions to help keep this list as current possible. Last updated June 2011.

David B. Williams, PhD
Professor of Music and Arts Technology, Emeritus
Illinois State University


Thanks go to Dr. Bernard Dobroski, Northwestern Unversity, for introducing me to the original version of this list for my class.