Throughout his teaching career, Dr. Ramseyer acknowledged that he taught a subject that most students hated. From this vantage point, Dr. Ramseyer created an approach to teaching statistics that included a love of the subject, an ability to explain even the toughest concepts in simple terms and the incorporation of humor. He is probably most remembered by the many non-statistics graduate students who survived the dreaded statistics required courses with his help. Others will remember his animated classroom performances as "Dr. Sigma." In his own words, Dr. Ramseyer dedicated his statistics web pages "to helping instructors and students experience the lighter side of statistics."

For Dr. Ramseyer's philosphy of statistics, in his own words, please see Statistics Philosophy.

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  • B.A. in Mathematics, University of Iowa
  • M.S. in Mathematics, University of Iowa
  • Ph.D in Educational and Psychological Statistics, University of Iowa

Courses Taught

Research Interests

  • Teaching of statistics
  • Unique applications of analysis of variance
  • Monte Carlo studies of the assumptions of statistical tests
  • Mathematical and statistical aspects of ESP studies
  • Use of separate answer sheets by primary aged children

Hobbies And Other Interests

  • Collecting baseball cards
  • Collecting University of Iowa Homecoming badges
  • Using Apple products -- computers, laptops, iPads, iPods
  • Umpiring baseball for Illinois High School Association
  • Fishing in the U.S. and Canada
  • Searching for humor in statistics
  • Downloading music from iTunes and CDs to my iPods
  • Practicing intermediate tricks on professional yo-yos




Emeritus Professor

Dr. Gary C. Ramseyer was an Emeritus Professor of Psychology with a specialty of statistics and measurement at Illinois State University.

Dr. Ramseyer began teaching at Ilinois State in 1965 and retired in 1998. Prior to joining ISU, he taught at the University of Iowa in the College of Education and at University High School in Iowa City, Iowa.

For Your Information

Dr. Ramseyer passed away suddenly in the spring of 2012. In his honor, his websites are being managed by his daughter Vicki S. (Ramseyer) Morrow.

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