Illinois State University
Center for Structure Determination
Founding Member and Midwest Node of
The STaRBURSTT Cyberdiffraction Consortium
Contact: Dr. Gregory M. Ferrence
Phone: (309)438-7971
Office: 305 Science Laboratory Building (SLB)
X-ray Data Collection  Request
Request Form - Download, complete, give printed copy to Dr. Ferrence, e-mail electronic copy with ChemDraw inserted to Dr. Ferrence
Cambridge Crystallographic Database Resources
WebCSD - teaching subset (open access)
WebCSD - full version (subscribers only)
WebCSD - filter links (teaching subset filters)
Mercury - filter links (teaching subset filters)
`Molecules` links (teaching subset links for iPod/iPhone/iPad)
X-ray in Teaching at ISU
Chemistry 380.45 X-ray Diffractometry (special topics course)
NSF funded wireless portable electronic classroom
Chemistry 351, 2-week laboratory exercise (senior chemistry majors)
Chemistry 140, a laboratory exercise (freshman chemistry majors)
X-ray in Research at ISU
Ferrence Group
ISU Collaborations
External Collaborations
ISU Crystallographers
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