AT - Is There an App for That?

Source: Ablelink Technologies

So, back when the Tech Act was written, the idea of software applications that could be purchased, delivered, and installed over the Internet to a device the size of a thick tablet of paper was the stuff of science fiction! In fact, the Internet itself did not become commercially, or publicly, available until 1995. While there is currently still plenty of AT hardware, there is also an ever increasing number of software applications that "increase, maintain, or improve the functional capabilities of persons with disabilities."

Today, an "item" and a "product system" range from a toothbrush with a special grip, to a talking watch, to a calculator in a smartphone, to a powered wheelchair for mobility, to an eye-controlled system for answering the phone or turning on the lights, to controlling the computer by voice, to a speech output system for communicating operated by touching the screen on an iPad.


So more and more, considering laptops, tablets and other mobile devices, we can answer the AT device question with
"There's an app for that."