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"Think hearing aids and the image that pops up in your brain may well be the elderly (usually male) curmudgeon with his enormous ear trumpet. These earliest of hearing aids might well have been used by humanity for millennia; whether skillfully carved from wood, perhaps precious metal for nobles, rich merchants and the like, or fashioned from seashells or animal horns. Wide at one end and narrowing to a small tip at the other, and swung around to be pointed in the right direction these aids must have been seen in all cultures and ages."

Source:  http://www.thehistoryof.net/history-of-hearing-aids.html


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1588 - Some of the first hearing aids are described by Giovanni Battista Porta in Natural Magick. The hearing aids were made of wood and shaped like the ears of animals known to have acute hearing.

1724 - Eustachian tube catheterization is discovered by a Versailles postmaster seeking to cure his own deafness (ouch!).

1878- Emil Berthold first describes myringoplasty, the surgical repair of a perforated tympanic membrane. However, it isn't until 1944 that the procedure gains considerable attention.

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