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Contact Lenses – New technology? Hardly!


Would you believe, way back in 1508, Leonardo Da Vinci sketched and described several forms of contact lenses? Of course, we all know the results of Da Vinci's insatiable curiosity – he was dedicated to discovering the mysteries of nature. That's how he came to create the first record of putting a device on the eye to improve vision. He didn't realize how "visionary" was his idea! 


1704 –   A French surgeon, Jean Méry, presented a paper to the French Royal Academy of Sciences, reporting that, by submerging the head of a living cat in water, the irregularities of the surface of the cornea were flattened by the water. [We're not sure how he came up with this idea – and we may not want to know!] His discovery was that the living eye could be neutralized, or corrected, and that is an essential part of optical contact systems.


Source: http://www.thehistoryof.net/history-of-contact-lenses-seing our-way-future


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