Did You Know? About Other Notable Technology Developments

1855 – Kentucky establishes a printing house for blind people. In 1858, it became American Printing House for the Blind and still exists today.

1863 – civil_war artificial leg.jpg The first suction socket artificial leg is invented. The amount of canon fire and resulting injury during the Civil War created a need for artificial limbs.

1869 – The first American patent for the manual wheelchair is granted.

1877 – Thomas Edison invents the phonograph, making books-on-recording possible


1913 – The 1st reading machine to read out loud, the "Optophone" Optophone.jpg is built by Dr. Edmund Fournier d'Albe of Birmingham University.

 1955 – Computerized Braille is introduced.

1958 – The first motion picture film is captioned.

1964 – The first laser canelaser-cane.pngis produced for locating and giving feedback on the position of nearby objects and surfaces. In 1971, the first long-term evaluation of laser canes by 8 veterans who were blind began.