I was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area just north of the Silicon Valley as a member of that over-romanticized (or much maligned) generation known as the flower children. During my lifetime I have not only seen the beginnings and phenomenal advances in computer technology, but I have also have grown to appreciate:

the importance of spiritual development,
the beauty of expressing oneself artistically,
the value of family and human relationships.

Now that the flower children have come to seed and we have survived the dawning of a new millenium, fit with promise or peril for humankind, it is critical that we promote for the next generation a global sense of taking care of one another and using technology to promote peace. 

My electronic teaching portfolio contains links to various aspects of my thirty-five year career as a teacher and teacher educator. Professionally, I have found teaching to be an ideal vocation for the values I hold regarding technology, spiritual development, artistic expression, and nurturing human relationships. I became Professor Emeritus at Illinois State Univesity in 2003 and relocated to Carmel, California in the Monterey Bay Area where I continue to teach courses as an Adjunct Professor at my alma mater, Santa Clara University, as well as an on-line course for the University of Missouri-Columbia. I also am Coordinator of Services for  Professional Development for the National Council for the Social Studies. My teaching portfolio includes links organized around educational background and teaching experience, my record of scholarly productivity and service, and specific information about courses I am currently teaching including examples of student assignments and a narrative of my teaching philosophy.

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copyright © 2006: Joseph A. Braun, Jr

Love without reserve . . . Learn without restraint . . . Live without dead time