John Kostelnick

Illinois State University, Department of Geography-Geology, Campus Box 4400, Normal, IL 61790-4400
(309) 438 - 7679

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My teaching interests include courses in cartography/visualization, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and human geography. See below for current courses that I teach and a brief description of each.

Cartography (GEO 300)

An introduction to the principles and theory of cartography, the art and science of mapmaking. Students gain hands on experience with the cartographic process through the compilation of several thematic maps using graphic illustration and GIS software.

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Geographic Information Systems Applications (GEO 304)


Advanced concepts, theory, and applications of GIS. Students gain hands on experience with current GIS software through several lab exercises, and design and complete an independent research project.

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Human Geography (GEO 140)


An introduction to the geographic distribution of humans, human activity, and cultures on the Earth. Topics covered include population, folk culture, popular culture, religion,
language, ethnicity, politics, agriculture, industrialization, and urbanization.

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World Geography (GEO 135)


An introduction to the geography of the major regions of the world today, with an emphasis on contemporary issues and the impacts of globalization.

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