Sociology 112
American Family: Change and Diversity

Section 8 Fall 2008


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These lecture outlines are provided to facilitate your note taking. I suggest that you print each outline prior to the class meeting in which the material will be discussed (see the reading and exam schedule in the syllabus) and bring it to class. You can then highlight important points and add detailed information not included in the outline.

Do not use these outlines as a substitute for coming to class, paying attention, and taking your own additional notes. Questions on the exams will require knowledge of information not included in the outlines.

Chapter 1

Images, Ideals, and Myths

Chapter 2

Preindustrial Families and the Emergence of a Modern Family Form

Chapter 3

The Historical Making of Family Diversity

Chapter 4

Economic and Demographic Upheavals in Society and Family

Chapter 5

Class, Race, and Gender

Chapter 6

Meshing the Worlds of Work and Family

Chapter 7

The Social Construction of Intimacy

Chapter 8

Contemporary Marriages

Chapter 9

Parents and Children

Chapter 10

Violence and Families

Chapter 11

Divorce and Remarriage

Chapter 12

Emergent Families in the Global Era

Chapter 13

Family Policy for the Twenty-First Century