Sociology 112
American Family: Change and Diversity

Section 8 Fall 2008


How To Study For This Class

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How to Study

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Here are some suggestions to help you earn high exam and quiz scores.
1. Print all the review sheets, lecture note outlines and video tape summaries (internet resources link on web site) in advance.
2. Before reading each chapter, review the lecture note outline and exam review sheet items for that chapter. Then read both the introduction and the summary of the chapter before reading the body of the chapter. This should help you identify the most important material in the chapter.
3. Keep up with the reading schedule in the syllabus. Reading the chapter before you listen to the corresponding lecture will help you understand the lecture material more completely and also make it easier to take good notes.
4. Be sure you understand the highlighted material (red font) in the powerpoint presentation during class. Take extra notes about that information if necessary.
5. After each class, review the connection between the review sheet items, the highlighted powerpoint information, and the related sections of the chapter to reinforce your understanding of these issues.
6. Take advantage of the T.A. office hours to ask questions or prepare for exams.