Student to Student Textbook, Spring 1997

Table of Contents

I. Section One

Chapter 1: Politics and Political Science, by Jason Yonan.

Chapter 2: Nationalism, by Kristin M. Wold.

Chapter 3: The Gap Between Rich and Poor, by Larkyn Rhea.

Chapter 4: Poverty: Food and Hunger, by Jeremy Babel.

II. Section Two

Chapter 5: Solutions to the North/South Dialogue, by Jody M. Robinson.

Chapter 6: Development in the Third World, by Peter York.

Chapter 7: Instruments of Change, by Sara Schippert.

Chapter 8: Women in the Developing World, by Robert Sadelski.

Chapter 9: Child Labor in the Third World, by Sarah Kalmes.

III. Section Three

Chapter 10: Islam, by Angela Ann Macrito.

Chapter 11: Religion as an Instrument of Change: Hinduism, by Harmony

Chapter 12: Buddhism, by Dan Burkauskas.

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