445   Teaching Composition in the Community College
Professor Janice Neuleib    8-7858     jneuleib@ilstu.edu
5:40 R  Stv. 346


Patricia Dunn.  Talking, Sketching Moving.  Heinemann 2001. scanned as needed
Kutz and Roskelly.  An Unquiet Pedagogy.  Heinemann 1991. on line below-link
Scharton and Neuleib.  Inside/Out:  A Guide to Writing .  on line below-links
Richard Graves.  Writing, Teaching, Learning Heinemann 2001.
Tinberg.Border Talk:Writing and Knowing the the Two-Year College.NCTE, 1997.


In this course you will have an opportunity to apply theory to classroom pedagogy and to work on creating research designs to test that pedagogy.  We will design classroom teacher/research activities based on the books you are reading as well as on your own teaching experiences and theories.  The books discuss the teaching of both reading and writing, assuming that entry level college language arts instruction, the topic of this course, addresses the relationship between the two.  The relationships among teaching styles, course development, and research on teaching and learning will provide important points of departure for your work in the course.


Class interactions include collaborative activities designed to integrate your
understanding of the readings with your existing knowledge.  In-class writings in response to readings will direct our discussions.  You will present your final
project to the class and evaluation of your work will  involve three major

1.  A research log, including teacher research (notes include comments
 on your teaching, readings, this class's discussions, case studies, classroom visits, research for projects, questions for me, and beginnings of drafts.), due at the end of each month

2.  A paper on teaching which will investigate some aspect of improving teaching through research and design (10-12 pages), due at midterm, draft due two weeks before

3.  A teacher-research project (15-25 pages), proposal due after midterm, presentation and paper due last two weeks of the semester

Any of this work may be collaborative in nature; responding to one another's work is essential, as are my responses.

Weekly readings and assignments:
January 18  Introduction. Please make arrangements to visit one another’s (or someone’s else’s)
class at least once per week.
                          January 25: IO, 1-51. Do the individual activities in IO  (first log due)
February 8   Political realities and ways to adjust/subvert/change them  
 Please read and comment on in journal.

Pagiano; Graves 1-32; BT, 1-26.
February 15   BT, 27-33;  Graves 33-78
February 22   Course design and teacher research AUP, see visits above; Ethnography handout.
(research and reflection log due)

March 1 Giving assignments and generating ideas & Collaboration
 and working in groups
IO, 53-77;
(draft of short paper due)
March 8 Reading/writing connections/student writing BT, 34-70 
Spring Break
March 29  Dealing with student problems and problem students      IO, 153-269; BT, 44-63
(short paper due)   Discussion of  project proposals  (research logs due)

April 5  Responding to student papers as they respond to one another; IO, 273-294, 306-318
April 12  Graves 146-244

                                     April 19 Presentations of projects 

                                     April 26 and May 3 Presentations of projects  (written projects due)