ENG 590  Seminar in Composition
Professor  Janice Neuleib
jneuleib   438-7858

To be selected by the group

The seminar format will provide course participants with the opportunity to pursue research goals, while at the same time investigating current composition questions in the context of collaborative inquiry.  The workshop format will begin with group research and lead to seminar presentations by class members.  The goal of the class will be to create at least one paper on its way toward publication by the end of the seminar.
Course requirements include: a research log which will contain your responses written class and notes you take as you read for your papers, collaborative contributions to the research of colleagues in the class will include responses to class work of others and to their plans and drafts for projects, and two paper/presentations which may be done individually or collaboratively.  Work on these projects must be done collaboratively; that is, you will work with a research group during the summer. The group will contribute both to development and planning for projects and by reading and responding to works in progress.
The texts for this course include several essays and books recently published in composition studies, books that I have noticed and have found intriguing for various reasons.  These are not the only texts for your research, but others, specific to your interests, will emerge as we move through the course.  Your work for the course will range far beyond these texts since the areas that you may choose to investigate will likely differ markedly from the topics of the texts.  We will begin by reviewing your research interests and by relating them to the texts.

  Review of research interests and discussion of the field
    Research in the field   (research logs due)
   Writing the Future and the Past (short paper draft due)
 Personal Voices   (Research prospective one due)
  Evaluating Writing
   Inventing a Discipline  (long paper drafts and logs due)
  Research search reports presented
   Research search reports presented  (papers and logs due)

Essays and things to read:

Inside Out

 Teacher Exchange