James R. Carter, or "Jim"

Born 1936 in Sault St. Marie, Michigan. Lived in the UP for 2 years and in the LP for 12 years, then moved to Carrollton, Kentucky along the Ohio River for 2 years, then to Bloomington, Indiana for 8 years, then to Greenbelt, Maryland for 8 years, then off to Athens, Georgia for 3 years, and then to Knoxville, Tennessee for 19 years.  In 1990 we moved to the Bloomington in central Illinois while I worked in the twin city of Normal.  In 2017 we moved to Midlothian, Virginia to be closer to family.

former ISU Campus Address:
    Geography, Geology and the Environment
    Illinois State University
    Normal, IL 61790

    jrcarter@ilstu.edu - current email

                        ====== the professional me ======

====== my cartographic license tag 1990 - 2017 ======

Recently I have become interested in the growth of ice on plant stems and other media.   This has taken me into the extrusion of ice from steel fences and pipes. Look at my many pages on ice formations growing on a variety of media. 


The example above is an Ice Flower, being a product of ice segregation on a stem of White Crownbeard in northern Kentucky on a November morning.  Note the frost on the grass and weeds.  Because Ice has become an important part of my life, I selected this as my license tag in Virginia.


I retired in summer 2005 but I have chosen to retain some of my academic web pages.   Feel free to use material from any of these pages but please give credit as appropriate.   In many cases the links are no longer valid and the examples from student accounts were removed when the students left campus.  But, there is still something to be gained from these pages. 

In  Physical Geography we created elevation maps of the world using the 'Color The World' program from the Lamont Doherty Earth Observation site.  My page is an introduction to this package but the links to my many students were lost when the students left campus.

Geographic Techniques served as the pre-requisite for the techniques courses of cartography, GIS and remote sensing.   My pages on Choropleth Maps and Topographic Maps have information beyond the specific course.

====== Position Papers ======

Relative to my teaching and research interests, I have written the following position papers.  As of 2012 some of the data in these papers are slightly dated, but the arguments still reflect my positions. 

====== Personal Pages and My Travels ======

  • Travel to Siberia in 1998
  • Travel to China in 2001
  • Before and After:  photographs of me over the years.  I put these photos out there when I first set up this page.  I have not added to them, nor have I felt compelled to take them off.