Module Objectives

1.  Review the anatomy and physiology of laryngeal structures.

2. Describe the Bernouilli effect and the myoelastic aerodynamic theory as they pertain to vocalization.

3. Describe methods of measuring laryngeal function and compare various types of instrumentation for laryngeal measurement.

4. Analyze the voice of individuals of two different ages and compare fundamental frequency and voice intensity.


Module objectives relate directly to these course objectives:

Course Objective 1: Describe the functioning of laryngeal structures for speech production.

Course Objective 2: Demonstrate a basic knowledge of voice fundamental frequency and voice intensity.

Course Objective 4: Analyze speech and voice by using instrumental and non-instrumental assessments and interpret the measurements obtained.


The following will help you meet the objectives of the module:

1. Read the chapter on Phonation in your Raphael et al. (pages 69-87).

3.  Complete the activities in the course module to give you more practice with the material.

4. Complete the lab project in the assessments t.

5.  Take the quiz in the quiz tool to assess your knowledge of phonation.