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Katherine Ellison, Director
Assistant Professor of 18th-Century Culture & Media
Department of English, Illinois State University


Welcome to Island 18, a 3D virtual reconstruction of 18th-century London in Second Life, with a focus on the Fleet Street printing district, Fetter Lane, and Samuel Johnson's Gough Square. On Island 18, scholars and students are not "users" but authors and citizens of an international community learning through interaction, participation, construction, and performance. The first virtual humanities project to simultaneously house, share, and teach historical, technical, and pedagogical literacy within the context of the18th century, Island 18 reimagines academic research, analysis, and argumentation in a publicly accessible multimodal environment that allows real-time discussion, experiential and hands-on exercises, mock trials, reenacted scenes from literature and historical events, and international mentoring and collaboration. Scholars who are members of this unique community can share research and sources, engage in spontaneous conversations, test and receive feedback on research and teaching ideas, recreate characters, buildings, and spaces that fascinate them, and design assignments, games, machinima (virtual movies), tours, scavenger hunts, galleries, and even working shops. Public readings, guest lectures, and conferences are also popular in Second Life and among the goals of Island 18. To learn more about Island 18 and how you can become involved, please visit the links above, which describe the impetus for the project, the kinds of projects in progress and on the long-term agenda, student project outcomes and in-class use, and future goals.

Katherine Ellison, at Illinois State University, has been joined by scholars at the University of Adelaide, Murdoch University, the University of Tasmania, and the University of South Whales, who are collaborating on a sister island project called Georgian London that extends theIsland 18 toward The Strand. More information on Georgian London can be viewed at their project website at: https://hss.adelaide.edu.au/historypolitics/georgianlondon/.


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