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Modern Dance II Links

The Kennedy Center Cuesheet on Martha Graham

The Isamu Naguchi Garden Museum-Martha Graham page

Quotes to Inspire You!

The Early Moderns (On-line quizzes, etc.)

Biography on A & E on Martha Graham

Martha Graham Center of Contemporary Dance

Doris Humphrey-The Solo Dancers

ArtsEdge-LP on Martha Graham

Yahoo Directory on Martha Graham

Jose Limon Foundation Web Site

ArtsEdge-A Dancer's Journal re: Martha Graham

Sapphire Swan Dance Directory

The Dance Insider On-Line

The Dance Collection of the New York Public Library

A Dance is Worth 10,000 Words

This Month in Dance History

American Dance Festival

National Endowment for the Arts

Modern Dance Companies (list)

Day Without Art

Lois Greenfield Exhibit by Kodak

Dance Books On-Line

Dance Magazine

Danc Links (a collection of internet sites)

Voice of Dance (advice from dancers/choreographers, auditions, dance directory)

Society of Dance History Scholars