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This page is devoted to the courses I am teaching in this current semester.   In addition, this page will include links to my other teaching assignments at both Illinois State University and University High School.   You will also find links on this page of interest to sites that will assist you in our shared efforts in the classroom.   I encourage you to explore each of the links on the left hand column of this page as you will all learn a good deal from one another. 

I hope each of you had a wonderful summer break.  This summer I returned to campus in my full time position as  Assistant Dean in the College of Fine Arts.  As the Assistant Dean my duties include serving as the College of Fine Arts Research Coordinator and the primary grant writer for the College.  This semester my only teaching commitments are to University High School.

If you should have any comments or suggestions as to how I might better assist you as your instructor this semester, please email me and let me know your thoughts.   Have a terrific semester!

Grading Standards for my Courses

Numerical Standard

Grade Expectations

A = 90-100%

work which is absolutely outstanding and exemplary

B = 80-89%

work which indicates a strong performance well above the minimum requirements

C = 70-79%

work which meets expected level of performance for most students

D = 60-69%

work which falls short of minimum criteria

F = 50-59% or below

work which falls well below the expected level of performance for most students

Classroom Policies

The Course Website:

You are expected to visit my website on a regular basis (at least several times a week), as
I will often address issues that have come up between class sessions. These may include
changes to the syllabus as well as upcoming events that have recently come to my attention. Students are responsible for any information posted to this classroom web page and to the
pages for the specific classes in which they are enrolled.  In an effort to be mindful of the University's resources all Theatre and Dance courses must provide as many written materials to students on line, therefore it is imperative that all students check this site frequently!


Regular class attendance is expected and is almost always necessary to perform well in my
courses. In general, materials and opportunities missed due to non-attendance can not be
made up for any reason.  See course syllabus for specific information.

Late Papers/Assignments:
Assignments are to be turned in at the beginning of the class session in which they are due
(see syllabus for deadlines). Students are responsible for having assignments by the time class convenes, after which time they are considered late and, if accepted due to extenuating circumstances, will be given less than full credit. This policy applies to all written work and all studio work. 

Cheating and Ethical Violations:
Students who cheat or otherwise engage in significant ethical violations can expect me to
pursue such matters to the full extent of my abilities, up to and including seeking expulsion
from ISU.  Any work submitted with evidence of cheating or
plagiarism will NOT be accepted (Thus, you will receive
NO credit). Appropriate University guidelines will be followed for disciplinary action. For additional information concerning academic integrity, students should
consult the
Dean of Students website.

Accommodation for Students with Disabilities:
Illinois State University is an institution concerned with helping all of our students feel welcome, and with helping all students learn and develop to their full potential.   To help meet these goals,
any student needing to arrange a reasonable accommodation for a documented disability should contact Disability Concerns at 350 Fell Hall, 438-5853 (voice), 438-8620 (TTY). 

Contact Information

I will have no scheduled office hours for the fall 2012 semester.  You are welcomed to contact me through email at lmerri@ilstu.edu

Fall 2012 Teaching Schedule for University High School

Course Number Course Title Class Meeting Day(s) Class Meeting Times Location
University High School Dance I/Orchesis Monday thru Fridays 6:55am-7:45am Centennial East, room 116