Math-Physics & Computer Science Club
(Process born during Spring 2010; coordinates: TBA)

Main goal:  having fun integrating Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science and Technology.

How-to: experimenting, learning more theory, visiting with scholars and much much more ...

- The theory is discussed in the Math-Physics Seminar ("sibling");
- Centre for Integrating Mathematics, Science and Technology (CeMaST; "cusin");

- Center for Scalar Waves Technology (see below);

... the list is open!

Spring 2010 Theme: "The Match of the Century: Tesla vs. Hertz"
We will sharpen our retorical tools in a scientific debate (occasionally leading to food overindulging :)

There are various attempts to "upgrade" the traditional theory of Electromagnetism formulated by Heaviside, following Maxwell's formulation.:
O(3)-EM, Non-linear EM (F. Bisshopp), Topological EM (Barrett and others), etc.

Yet the tradition for chalanging "Maxwell"'s EM (which infact is Heavisides' and others'), started with Tesla. So we will focus on:
(SW) Scalar Waves Theory (e.g. K. Meyl), and
(QID) Quantum Information Dynamics (L. Ionescu).

There will be TWO Teams:
- Team Pro-Maxwell: will defend the academic model of EM; will probably include faculty from the Physics Department ("Old Boys" :)
- Team Pro-Info: defenders of the "new age" of information :)

Participants can join a team, or ... just watch!

We will try to understand Prof. Dr. K. Meyl's theory on Scalar Waves, while experimenting using the experimental kit. Ocasionally we will ask Prof. Meyl questions :)

so ... let the "games" begin!

Other "Stuff" TBA
- Organization: ...
- Events: ...
- Funding: Kickstarter  and backing-sale, of course :)
- Physics News: PhysicsWorld

Updated: 1/2011.