ISU Mathematical-Physics Seminar / Discussions
Fall 2014: Zeta Functions and Zeroes

Spring 2014 :
Riemann Hypothesis & Prime Number Theorem (Chomolungma & the base camp)

Fall 2013 : Theme: Trace formulas (From Poisson to Riemann via Selberg)

Spring 2013 :
Theme: Plane Algebraic Curves / Riemann Surfaces and Applications to Physics

Spring 2010 :
Theme: Geometric Physics as Number Theory (see also MAT 410: Topics in Number Theory)

Fall 2014 - Fridays ...

Spring 2014 - Fridays 10:00-11:50 am STV 316A (<- click the link for lecture outlines)

1/24 L. Ionescu News regarding the RH (zeta function fades away! not a "diva" anymore :)
1/31 L. Ionescu Iwasawa-Tate set-up, Haran, Burnol etc.
2/7 L. I. Dynamical Zeta Functions & Reidemeister numbers
2/14 - 5/12 L.I. : see p-adic math-physics

Fall 2013 - Fridays 1:00-1:50pm in STV 313

1) 8/30   Overview: Poisson / Selberg trace formula and Riemann exact formula

2) 9/5 Poisson summation revisited (see above link)

Spring 2013 - Time & room TBA

1) TBA L. Ionescu: Organizational meeting & starting "A Guide to Plane Algebraic Curves" by Keith Kendig.
2) ...

Spring 2010 - Thursdays 1pm in STV 214
1) The theme is: "Flows on Graphs".
We will learn the homological algebra language to formulate the Min-Cut-Max-Flow Theorem, by studying the Theory of Electric Circuits,
following A Course in Mathematics for Students of Physics, vol.2, by Bamberg and Sternberg (see some reviews here).
    Contents and Introduction , Ch.12 Theory of Electrical Networks, Ch.13 The Method of Orthogonal Projections, ... 
2) It is related to the famous physics problem of "What is the Fine Structure Constant?".
Faculty are invited to explore the following topics and to present them informally in the seminar:
a) Introduction to Zeta functions by P. Cartier
b) Series-Parallel Networks: 1) Wolfram MathWorld; 2) by Steven Finch; 3) SP-Graphs; 4) Price of Collusion ...?

2/10 L. Ionescu: "The "Biggest" Question in Physics & Flows on Graphs from a Homological Algebra viewpoint"
2/17 L. Ionescu: Introduction to Electric Circuits (or whatever else "flows") (scanned notes)
2/24 L. Ionescu: Primer of homological algebra; main example: graphs and Kirchoff's Laws (see 3rd Talk)
3/3 L.I.: Linear resistive circuits, and conceptual links (serial-parallel graphs, boolean functions, Mobius transformations etc.)
3/10 Spring break - no seminar
3/17 Conference - no seminar
3/24 LI: Review and 12.1 continued (Maxwell's methods);
3/31 R. Bernales: Visibility of 2D-lattice points and number theory (relation to EC via graphs, PoSets, lattices - same Janette ...)
4/7 LI: Hodge decomposition of electric circuits
4/14 LI: Discrete Laplacian and discrete Poisson equation
4/21 LI: Some MS-Thesis level questions of discrete mathematics: relating Hodge star operator and Maxwell's Methods for EC
4/28 LI: EC / Maxwel Methods: conclusions and interpretations; planing for next semester (last MP-seminar for Spring)
            - Discrete Relative Hodge theory and Morse Theory
            - Discrete Calculus (Don't be greedy: you only need enough "points", NOT the continuum!)

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