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Current Project: DWT v.3.

1. The Search for a New Unifying Principle
2. Quantum Digital Gravity
Essay submitted to the Gravity Research Foundation - March 21, 2006
(Excerpt from DWT ver. 1.0: An invitation!)

3.The Digital World Theory  by L. M. Ionescu
    • ISBN 973-7744-39-x, printed in Romania by Olimp Press, 2006.
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      On open research project; comments and contributions are welcome!

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4. Q++ and a Non-Standard Model - July 4, 2007.

            Quantum programming Language and Implementation Considerations

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Quantum physics, Feynman path integral, quantum gravity, quantum computing, teleportation.

Brief Book Description
Q++ is the quantum programming language of "reality design": Quantum Hardware and Quantum Software.
Some non-conventional ideas are explored away from the traditional Standard Model, part of the Digital World Theory project.

Full Book Description

The book is a rich supply of mathematical-physics and computer science inciting ideas.

  • Space and time are discrete coordinates attached to a quantum computation flowing through a causal structure. They are finally unified by a generalized Wick rotation.
  • "Everything", including "free motion", is random teleportation at the speed of light in the Quantum Dot Resolution formalism. In this way special relativity and quantum mechanics become simple consequences.
  • There is only one elementary particle: the qubit, with its dual manifestations as leptons and quarks.
  • Quarks correspond to prime numbers in the "ultimate particle physics theory" where Galois Theory meets Klein's Geometrization Program: Number Theory!
  • The Homological Feynman Path Integral the framework for Quantum Gravity.
  • Entropy is a generator of mass and the logarithm of quark mass indexes are close to 2,3 5,7, 11,13! Are there more then three generations?
5. Infotronics: Theory and Experiment, 2009 (Lulu.com)

Infotronics cover

... and much more.

  • On Supersymmetry, Anti-Gravity and Free-Energy, 2011, NPA 2011 conference, Maryland (Quantum Network approach as a boson-fermion unification, vorticity of generalized momentum as a possible explanation of de Palma, Kozyrev and Searl effects, magnetic sources of energy).
  • On a generalized Lorentz force, 2011 (Towards antigravity etc.)
  • Remarks on Physics as Number Theory, 2011 (Generalized Bohr-Somerfeld quantization as a dynamical system of Rieman gas / Primon Model, Dirichlet ("quantum") duality and the fine structure constant, Riemann hypothesis and the "hidden" PoSet structure of primes).

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