Mathematics Seminar (Quantum Algebra / Mathematical-Physics / etc.)

Mostly a faculty research seminar. Going over expository papers  & problems for faculty/graduate/undergraduate research.
Goals: Learn each other's favorite math language, share interests and problems, facilitate collaborations, having fun ...

General Information

Participants (we can count on! Everybody is invited to come by before the Discrete Math Seminar):
     Fusun Akman, Gaywalee Yamskulna, Lucian M. Ionescu, George Seelinger, Papa Sisoco, Wenhua Zhao
      (Please e-mail to have your e-mail added to the list of participants)

Time & Place:  Thursday 1:00-1:50 p.m. STV 210;

Topics, articles & possible speakers (Waiting for suggestions!):

    1) Fusun's article
    2) Domenico Fiorenza
    3) Alberto Cattaneo
    1) A. Connes, D. Kreimer - Hopf algebras, renormalization and noncommutative geometry, hep-th/9809042,
    2) L. Ionescu - A combinatorial approach to coefficients in deformation quantization, math.QA/0404389,
    3) Chapoton ...
    4) Wenhua Zhao - formal diffeomorphisms & some problems (Jacobian conjecture etc.)
    4) L.I. & D.F. ...

   1) Book by ... (Wenhua, Lucian ...)
   2) DS-equation (quantum dynamics) as Maurer-Cartan / Master equation  (trying to understand ...)
   2) VOAs - FIM proceedings?

Topics covered

Lucian Ionescu  STV 303G  /309-438-7167 /
Updated 11/04