"Quantum Mathematical-Physics Seminar"

Mostly a research seminar.

General Information

Participants:     Lucian M. Ionescu, George Seelinger

Time & Place: 
    Summer     04:  Thursday 1:00-2:30 p.m. STV 313;

Topics: On some Hopf algebras

    1) A. Connes, D. Kreimer - Hopf algebras, renormalization and noncommutative geometry, hep-th/9809042,
    2) L. Ionescu - A combinatorial approach to coefficients in deformation quantization, math.QA/0404389,


Topics covered

Summer vacation.

Lucian Ionescu  STV 303G  /309-438-7167 / LMIones@ilstu.edu.
Updated 7/26/04