Mathematics: Number Theory and Cryptography

Number theory was always a fun and easy to learn area in mathematics. It is where famous mathematicians like Gauss, Euler, Dirichlet, Riemann were schooled before making history!
When they were young, like you, they always carried a book on Number Theory with them ... do you!?

Participating to these projects is even better!
Prime Numbers
Join a fun project on prime numbers, which are the key ingredients in the modern RSA encryption scheme, paving your way to a National Security Agency, top payed job, or an internship first.

Did you know they used to pay thousands of dollars for you to find a new prime number! We will use a Computer Algebra System and a new technique discovered by Prof. Ionescu, to generate candidates for prime numbers. Then we will test them for primality, and maybe become famous if we find a new one ...

... and the mysterious Riemann Zeros

... or just learn more Number Theory and about the most famous, 1 million dollar problem in mathematics, The Riemann Hypothesis while at it :)

The Riemann Zeros are dual to prime numbers, and even less understood then the prime numbers. Some researchers say that's how the Universe vibrates ...

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