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    1st International Workshop on Quantum Informatics
    From 5 January 2008 through 9 January 2008

    In collaboration with Lorentz Center

Illinois State University (US), NSF?, Bucharest University (RO), National Council for Research (RO), Olimp Press S.R.L.  (Interested sponsors: please contact L.M.I./VIReQuest)

  • Description and aim of the workshop

    Quantum Informatics is an interdisciplinary science bridging Quantum Physics and Computer Science as the theory of quantum information: "statics" and dynamics,  software and hardware.
    Specialists from quantum mathematical physics and quantum computing are brought together to disseminate their work, exchange ideas and plan collaborations.

  • Registration: please email the organizers
  • Invited Participants
  • Program
  • Abstracts (TBA)
  • Presentations (TBA)
  • Organizing Committee:
    • L. M. Ionescu, Illinois State University, US
    • G. Pripoae, Bucharest University, Romania

Workshop lectures are open to anyone interested.

Lucian M. Ionescu    lmiones"at"ilstu.edu