Recent Presentations and Research Drafts

(for Past see Research)

April 13, A few misconceptions in mathematics (History of Math & Math-Ed Conference @ ISU)
June 6, A POSet structure on the set of primes, Number Theory Conference, UIUC, June 5-7, 2014


See Mathematics-Physics Seminar


Oct.2 (maybe) Plane Algebraic Curves I; remarks on finite fields (Klein geometry & def. th.)

Sept.11 2012 ISU Algebra Seminar
What are finite fields, really! (ongoing investigation)
(Transitive groups: Aut(G) acts transitively on G*)

Oct. 4 & 7 2011 ISU Algebra Seminar:
Multiplicative duality and algebraic quantum groups

Oct. 27 Disc Math Seminar:
On the Structure of Primes (& Multiplicative duality

Nov. 15 Algebra Seminar:
Algebraic Quantum Group of Rationals  (UEA and group algebra: two Good Examples!)

July 2012 - 9th National Philosophy Alliance Conference - Albuquerque.
"Fundamental physics as Number Theory"

July 2012 - Tesla Tech Conference 2012, Albuquerque.
"Quantum Information, Tesla waves and Biofields".

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