SPSS Basic Skills Tutorials

Most students in PSY 340 will have taken PSY 138 as an ISU student. For those of you who have, this material is a review (but you should still review it and make sure everything sounds familiar). For those of you who have not taken PSY 138, you will need to work through each of these tutorials carefully to build basic SPSS skills.

If you are not familiar with the Windows 2000 operating system, you should think about taking a short course from the Faculty Technology Support Services (their classes, though, are open to everyone at the university and are free but carry no graduation credit, typically being a one-time, two hour course). See http://training.ilstu.edu/ to view course offerings and register.

The following topics are available as short tutorials.

  1. Network Goodies

  2. SPSS Windows

  3. Data Entry

  4. Data Manipulation

  5. The (all powerful) Analyze Menu

  6. Graphs Menu (under construction)