Mark S. Walbert

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Associate Vice President, Technology
Associate Professor, Economics
Illinois State University

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ECO 240 - Intermediate Microeconomic Theory (Fall '02)

Current FTSS Computer Short Courses and Workshops

Introduction to Excel Computer Short Course offered nine times a year.

Intermediate Excel Computer Short Course offered six times a year.

Introduction to the Palm OS Computer Short Course offered four times a year.

Creating Your Grade Book Using Excel Workshop offered twice a year.

Using your Palm OS Handheld to Access E-mail Workshop offered twice a year.

Recent Presentations Top of page

Every Seat is Wired... Now What Do We Do?
College of Business, HRD Team Teaching Seminar, 8 November, 2002.

Web Page Design for Educators
Teaching Technology Program, 20 May, 2003

What's the Match Between Learning Styles and Technology Effectiveness?
University Teaching Workshop, 16 May, 2002

Educating Illinois Values and the use of Technology in Teaching & Learning
University Teaching Workshop, 10 January, 2002

Teaching with Technology: Keeping the Focus on Teaching and Learning
University Teaching Workshop, 16 August, 2001

Web Teaching
University Teaching Workshop, 17 May, 2001

Selected Publications Top of page

"Using the Internet/Web to Provide Course Materials to Students", CATAlyst Newsletter, October 2002, 3-5.

"Web Teaching - Parts 1 - 3", CATalyst Newsletter, April 2001, December 2001, April 2002.

"Web-based Learning Environments Guided by Principles of Good Teaching Practice", J.F. Chizmar and M.S. Walbert. Journal of Economic Education, Summer 1999, 30(3), 248-259.

"Using Undergraduate Journals and Peer Pressure to Improve Undergraduate Writing in Economics", J.L. Carlson, J.F. Chizmar, M. Seeborg, and M.S. Walbert.Journal of Economics, XXIV, No. 2, 1998, 77-86.

Arctic Express: An Electronic Business Simulation, software to accompany Economics by J. Holton Wilson and J.R. Clark (4th ed.); Cincinnati, OH: South-Western Educational Publishing Co., ©1998.

"Using Mathcad to Teach Undergraduate Mathematical Economics", M.S. Walbert and A.L. Ostrosky. Journal of Economic Education, Fall 1997, 28(4), 304-315.

Spreadsheet Tools for Principles of Economics, spreadsheet templates to accompany Economics by McConnell and Brue; R.F. Brooker and M.S. Walbert, New York, NY: McGraw-Hill Publishing Company, ©1991.

"Writing Better Software for Economics Principles Textbooks". Journal of Economic Education, Summer 1989, 20(3), 281-290.

"Grading Software Programs Accompanying Selected Principles Texts". Economic Inquiry, January 1989, 27(1), 169-178.

"The Permits Game: Conveying the Logic of Marketable Pollution Permits", M.S. Walbert and T.J. Bierma. Journal of Economic Education, Fall 1988, 19(4), 383-390.

"A Pollution Control Strategy Game: Costs of Control Policies", T.J. Bierma and M.S. Walbert. Journal of Environmental Education, 18(4), Summer 1987, 19-23.

Honors Top of page

Illinois State University's Outstanding University Teacher Award, 1997-98.

Economics Students Association/Omicron Delta Epsilon, Teacher of the Year, 1993-94.

College of Arts and Sciences Distinguished Teacher (Senior Division - Social Sciences), 1991-92.

Omicron Delta Epsilon, Teacher of the Year, 1988-89.

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