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Special announcements will be made from time-to-time and you may access the most recent announcement from the list below. (The most recent announcement is at the top.)


Dec. 13

Project 4 grades are posted...

Literacy Test grades are posted...

If you have any questions, feel free to send me an email message (please to not call...).

Nov. 11
(7:30 pm)

Nov. 11
(4:45 pm)

"Service to the WebCT/Mallard server was restored at approximately 7:00 pm. this evening. "

"The WebCT/Mallard server has again experienced the same type of hardware failure as occurred earlier today.  We are working with SUN to replace the failed components.  In the interim we will do our best to restore access and insure data accessibility.

It will be several hours at minimum before functionality can be restored.  I will continue to post at "

Oct. 22

Mallard is back on line...

The Mallard server was down last night, at least after 9:30 pm, and is still not running. Keep checking this announcements page for updates on its status.

When you hear from me, complete your quiz and I will alter your grade to remove the 10% penalty - assuming it is fixed today.


Oct. 14

Literacy Test scores should be posted later tonight (by 10 pm).

The DUE DATE for Project 2 - Regression Analysis - is moved back one week to Thursday, 24 October.

Oct. 4

Literacy Test next Thursday...
At next Tuesday's class (10/8) we will review for the Test. Bring your questions - I will not lecture!

Sep. 16

News Analysis Folder due Wednesday.

...before 4:30. Drop off at the front desk in the Instructional Technology & Development Center (301 S. Main). See map.

No class on Thursday, Sep. 19.

Sep., 11

A note on grading policy for Mallard Quizzes:

In a Web Quiz, all questions are not weighted equally. Some questions have a greater weight than others. The weight of each question depends on the number of parts that make it up. On Quiz 2, for example, one question (#5) had five parts (and #4 had two parts...). Therefore #5 alone is worth 50% of this particular quiz. If you answered questions 1 - 4 correctly but did not complete 5 then the highest score you can get is a 50%. Because the grading policy required a score of 60% or higher to be recorded, the grade book lists your score as zero...

I have just altered the grading policy so that any score you receive will show up in the grade book - even if it is less than 60%. Over the course of the semester I will edit your score on Quiz 2 so that the points earned will appear in place of a zero.


Aug., 29

REMINDER: Mallard Quiz 1 is due by midnight, Mon., 2 Sep. (See Schedule)
OMP result for 8/27 and GFE 2 key are posted on WebBoard...

Aug., 23

Answer Keys, OMP Results posted in WebBoard.

  • One-minute paper for 8/22 is posted. See the Conference named Part 1...
  • An answer key to GFE 1 is also posted. See the GFE Answer Conference.
  • An answer key to the Questions in the Reservation Price Workbook is posted in the Workbook Answers Conference.

Aug., 8

Welcome to ECO 240!