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Online Excel Tutorials

Getting Started With Excel

This is a well-written tutorial on how to get started with Excel by Dr. Sharon Garrison, a finance professor. Although it references an older version of Excel, the basic concepts highlighted in Getting Started provide a useful introduction. (University of Arizona)

Excel Tutorial

This is a great intro to Excel. The tutorial offers fairly complete coverage of essential topics and uses visual displays and short pages for each topic. It is a little weak on graphing. The tutorial ends with a very basic, multiple choice, online quiz. (University of South Dakota)

MS Excel Knowdule

Very good. Uses small pop-up windows for lessons so that most of the screen is available for Excel. Uses silent QuickTime movies as a "show me" feature. Nice for a reference... (Louisiana State University)


Business & Economics News Top of page.

Asia Week
Barron's Online
Business Week
CNBC Business
CNN fn
The Economist
The Financial Times
Fortune Magazine
The Times (London) (must register)
The Wall Street Journal (Economic headlines only)


General News Top of page.

ABC News
The Chicago Tribune (must register)
The Christian Science Monitor
CNN Interactive
The Houston Chronicle
The Los Angeles Times
National Public Radio (Requires a free RealAudio RealPlayerG2)
The New Republic
The New York Times (must register)
San Jose Mercury News
The Sydney Morning Herald
USA Today
The Washington Post


Business, Economic, and Financial Data Top of page.

Economic Report of the President

This is a search engine set up by the Council of Economic Advisors. It is a great way to search for data in the Economic Report of the President. Although the data is current and can be viewed in text or Acrobat format, it cannot be downloaded in a form that a spreadsheet can parse out directly.

The White House Economic Statistics Briefing Room

This site provides easy access to current Federal economic indicators. It provides links to information produced by a number of Federal agencies. All of the information included in the Economic Statistics Briefing Room is maintained and updated by the statistical units of those agencies.

The Dismal Scientist

This is a good site for two types of data series. Daily reports of economic variables, and regional economic data. The latter data series contains time-series information on demographics, personal income, housing statistics, etc., for 257 metro areas and all 50 states.


Economagic has over 100,000 data series, all available in text format. The series come from governmental or semi-governmental agencies, and are revised whenever the original source is updated. An Excel file exists for each series, or is made on-the-fly when requested. Charts, in either GIF or PDF format, can be made for each series.


This site is an excellent general reference source for economists and students of economics. ECONlinks provides easy access to basic economic and financial information on the World Wide Web. The list of links is purposely not encyclopedic, but contains a variety of resources that are useful in many economics courses.

Occupational Outlook for Economists

A page published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics that gives extensive information on the employment prospects for students majoring in economics. A lot of space is devoted to advanced degrees but if you read through the document carefully you will find good information on job prospects for undergraduate economics majors.


Search Engines

Although the Web is growing at a dizzying rate, there are many search engines (also called databases, spiders, robots, etc.) and subject guides to help you find the information you need. This guide lists some of the best resources for searching the Web. (Brought to you by the University of Tennessee at Knoxville.)