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News Analysis Folder



To get you involved in, and to help you develop your understanding of, current economic issues, I would like each student to maintain a folder of news clippings relevant to microeconomics with your annotations.1 The news stories should be chosen from well written sources in either the financial or popular press. You will annotate each news clipping in a one- to two-page paper by

  1. summarizing the content of the news story,
  2. commenting on the economics news or opinions it contains,
  3. drawing the relevant microeconomic model(s) that illustrates the arguments made.

Your summary must be succinct and correct. Your comments should be intellectual interactions with the article, not just summaries. Comments may express bewilderment at what is reported, or it may reinforce what the reporter has written -- complete with reference to relevant economic model or concept. The comments may also make comparisons with other news items or with class discussion. The drawings must be made by hand and be correctly constructed.


I will collect your folders two times during the semester -- once during the first half and once during the second half of the course. I will answer any questions you raise in your annotation and ask you questions in return. Your annotations and my review will establish a dialogue on your topics.

Your responsibility is to collect one or more news clippings from multiple sources and write the summary, comments, and drawings. You are required to submit both the news article(s) and your annotations.

My responsibility will be to collect your folders on the assigned days, write reviews that encourage learning, and return them within a week.


Links to the Web sites of several well-written newspapers and magazines are located on the course's Web Links page. See the News Analysis Folder Grading Guidelines for more information and the Course Schedule for due dates. (Links at top of page.)