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Community Mental Health Project
Project Description:
The scope of psychiatric nursing has made dramatic changes during the last 50 years, moving from custodial care to the present community mental health orientation. This project will enable the student to better appreciate the current role of the psychiatric nurse in community mental health and to become more aware of the number of variety of community mental health resources available. Current and potential functioning of various community mental health agencies and practitioners will be explored.
The project is structured so that students spend 6.5 hours per week for 6 weeks in the community agency.
Required Assignment
Weekly log
Complete project objectives
Oral report
Teaching project
Project Objective:
In the weekly log, the student will address two (2) of the following objectives:
1. Describe all types of clients served by this agency.
2. Describe the organizational structure of the particular agency. (i.e. Is there a President or Board of Directors? Who supervises who?
3. Describe how the agency meets clients’ needs in terms of primary, secondary and tertiary levels of prevention.
4. Identify funding sources for the agency.
5. Identify members of the treatment team in the agency, their educational preparation, and usual role and describe how the agency fits into the overall services offered in the community.
6. List other supportive community resources available to meet clients’ basic needs.
7. Describe the role (or potential role) of mental health nursing in the agency.
8. Relate ANA Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing Standards of practice and professional performance to community mental health nursing and/or to your agency.
(See Chapter 10. Address each standard)
9. Evaluate the problems of delivery of community mental health care.
10. Include information from textbook research in your presentation. Minimum 2-3 research articles.
Project Requirements:
1. Weekly Logs:
A weekly log will be completed and due to clinical instructor within 1 week following the clinical experience. Content of the logs need to include a 1.) report of activities of the student, 2.) personal reactions to the experience, and integration of project objective. Students should include application of theory and key concepts. Logs will not be accepted beyond weekly deadline except by special arrangement. Points will be deducted for journals submitted late. Personal involvement/initiative includes opportunities for learning and how the student took advantage of these opportunities.
2. Oral Summary Report:
The data that has been collected throughout the quarter on project objectives are to be incorporated into a final oral report. The final report should address each objective and give an account of personal involvement. Presentations should be planned to last 15 minutes.
3. Resources:
Students should submit copies of research articles and citation of information used from text.
Project Evaluation:
This project grade will be 10% of the total grade for the course.
The project will be evaluated as follows:
Weekly logs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3%
Oral Presentation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2%
Criteria for evaluation of oral presentation:
(When students share an agency placement, those students should plan the presentation together. In this case, the grade on the oral presentation will be a group grade.)
1. Description of agency and its function.
2. All objectives adequately addressed (Except #8).
3. Objective evaluation of agency.
4. Report of personal involvement, including:
A. Opportunities for learning
B. How student took advantage of these opportunities
5. Organization and clarity of report.