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Try these sites. Many of these sites provide links to other interesting sites and organizations dedicated to preserving our pioneer heritage. Take some time to browse around!

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Bear Camp Outfitting & Great West Trails Swan River Manitoba Garry Nemetchek Full Time Guide and Professional Outfitter Want to go bear hunting? Here is the guy to call. I just stumbled on his site, and it's like running into a long lost friend. A great guy, and a great guide. Garry put me on the big bear pictured here. Check out the horse-back and wagon trip packages too!
The Maine Powder House Need Black Powder? This is where I buy. Elephant or Swiss Black Powder. They ship to you via UPS.
Elephant Black Powder Current production Elephant Brand is reputed to be much improved. Lots of technical information on Black Powder. Be sure to check out the Elephant Black Powder Factory Tour and the Trophy Room.
GOEX, Inc.-- Black Powder The traditional favorite. Regarded by many to be slightly higher quality and ballistic strength than Elephant.
Swiss Black Powder Now Available!! Reputed to be the highest quality and ballistic strength of all black powder brands. Now distributed by Elephant and available here!
TheCongressionalSportsmen' Check out the mission: "To preserve and promote the traditional rights of American citizens to hunt, fish and pursue outdoor activities...." Then check out the members: who belongs, and more important who doesn't.
THOMAS -- U.S. Congress on the Internet "In the spirit of Thomas Jefferson, a service of The Library of Congress." Here is the real deal - Contact info., status of pending legislation, roll call votes, congressional committee info., legislators' web pages and more!
Kentucky/Pennsylvania Long Rifle Home Page Dedicated to the Kentucky Long Rifle, this site has historical info. on Colonial Arms and links to Forums, Manufacturers, Associations and Literature References.
Rightnour Manufacturing Co., Inc. Check out this site's on-line catalog for guns, supplies and accessories. I recently purchased a rifle; got fast delivery and saved nearly $100 over local dealers! Check their site - lot's of neat stuff.
Dixie Gun Works If it is related to muzzleloading, DGW probably has it available. An excellent source for all types of supplies and accessories. Check out their catalog - 700+ pages!
The Connecticut Valley Arms Catalog Check out the new products. Purchase products on-line!
DAVIDE PEDERSOLI & C MUZZLELOADING REPLICAS AND ACCESSORIES SPLASH PAGE Check out the complete line of reproduction arms. There are some really unique models that you don't see often.
Cherry's Fine Guns Check this site out. Pedersoli, Uberti and others. And, they truly have some "fine guns". I recently purchased a Pedersoli shotgun from them, great price and prompt service.
Braintan.com: Natural Hide Tanning and Leathercraft Natural tanning and leather resources. Clothes, supplies, reference materials, etc.
Field Dressing Deer Detailed instructions on field dressing and care of meat, complete with instructional photos! Ohio DNR Division of Wildlife.
Illinois State Rifle Association Home Official Homepage. "We protect the citizens' right to own firearms; we fight the criminal use of firearms."
The National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association Official Home Page The major sanctioning organization for national competition. This site has all kinds of info. Clubs, Matches, Contacts, and links to some very interesting sites. Check some of them out!
N-SSA Home Page North-South Skirmish Association - "The N-SSA promotes the shooting of Civil War firearms and artillery and encourages the preservation and display of Civil War materials. The N-SSA works to accomplish these goals by conducting skirmishes; competitive, live firing of these Civil War firearms and artillery."
White Oak Society - Deer River, Minnesota Dedicated to preserving the history of the fur trade era through a variety of educational programs and activities. Check it out!
Black Powder Journal On-line magazine dedicated to black powder shooting and related topics. Free! Only available on-line!
Muzzle Blasts Online Official journal of the National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association. Check it out on-line. Back issues too!
Black Powder Resources This site is a wealth of information on muzzleloading and related topics. Including books, gun builders, accessories and supplies and more!
Dutch Schoultz Black Powder Rifle Accuracy System "The complete system consists three sets of instructions covering the components that will combine to improve accuracy."
  ATF - MUZZLE LOADING WEAPONS THAT USE A MODERN IGNITION SYSTEM Quote from ATF Industry Circular #98-2,  "...modern replicas of antique firearms using an antique form of ignition such as matchlock, flintlock, or percussion cap are also not subject to regulation as firearms.
However, muzzle loading weapons with "in line" firing mechanisms designed or redesigned to use modern conventional firearm primers do not meet the definition of antique firearms and are subject to regulation as a firearm. Primers are not an antique ignition system and are ammunition for firearms subject to regulation."
Department of the Treasury Study on the Sporting Suitability of Modified Semiautomatic Assault Rifles Quote from the Scope of "Sporting Purposes" section of this study,   "....we determined sporting purposes should be given a narrow reading, incorporating only the traditional sports of hunting and organized competitive target shooting (rather than a broader interpretation that could include virtually any lawful activity or competition.)"
Wildwings Network: Main Page A search engine dedicated to hunting sites. Personal sites (like this one), suppliers, guides, you name it - it's here. Ain't it about time! Check out the special features - forums, recipes, etc.


Boards For Muzzleloaders

Tal's Outdoor Sports Forum Check this out! Bookmark this one and visit often! Ask a question or post an event notice, opinion, whatever!
Traditional Muzzleloader Board "This Message Wall is to be used for the discussion of traditionally styled muzzleloaders only...... Modern, non-traditional, "In-Line" Muzzleloaders are not the topic of our discussion." The best ML board I have found - just moved to this new URL. This board has registered over 2,000,000 hits!
Traditional Muzzleloader Trade Blanket "The purpose of this Trade Blanket is to allow the trading of all items related to the sport of Traditional Muzzleloading."
Friendship Muzzleloading Message Board Formerly the official message board of the NMLRA, it is now the official message board of Tim Hamblen. It's still a good place to find out what's going on in the NMLRA. Lots of members post here.
Field & Stream Forums Another change for the F & S boards. Check 'em out, and see how this latest version is. They've dumped the awkward, unstable system they were using (finally !!), so maybe they've got a handle on it this time.

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