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Shooting muzzleloading firearms is an exciting way to experience a piece of history first hand.

Check out the pages in this site, and the links to other muzzleloading and black-powder sites. If you are already a muzzleloading enthusiast, I hope you find them entertaining. If you are not already a muzzleloading enthusiast, I hope you will be inspired to try muzzleloading. There is information here to put you in touch with some fine people who are always anxious to encourage a new shooter.

Are you curious? Here are some answers to commonly asked questions. If you have other questions or comments, select the "E-mail Tal" link below.

Q- How powerful are Muzzleloaders?

A- The muzzleloader has been used to take virtually every big game animal on the face of the earth. The muzzleloader can equal the muzzle energy of many modern arms, but does it in a different way. Where modern rifles generate power through high velocity, the muzzleloader generates power from its heavy, large caliber lead balls or slugs. Select "Hunting" for an example of the muzzleloader's power and effectiveness.

Q- How accurate are Muzzleloaders?

A- As with all things, quality of muzzleloading guns varies widely. A muzzleloading gun's accuracy is limited only by the talent of the builder and the skill of the shooter. The target that is the background for this page was shot in competition, at 50 yds with a .45 cal muzzleloading rifle. Select "Competition" for information on competitive shooting.

Q- Where can I go to try muzzleloading?

A- Without exception, muzzleloading shooters are eager to encourage new shooters and share their expertise (real or imagined). There are many local muzzleloading clubs throughout the U.S. and other countries. One of the finest clubs in Illinois is the Kickapoo Muzzleloaders Club. They would love to hear from you. Select "Kickapoo Club" for club info and contacts. Updated! 2007 Shoot Schedule and Club Info.

Q- How can I locate Muzzleloading reference material or suppliers?

A- With the recent boom in the popularity of black powder hunting, many sporting goods dealers now carry muzzleloading supplies and books. If you can't find what you want or need, select "Resource Links" for info and links to selected helpful web sites. Newly added links, including ATF official documents.

I hope you find this site interesting. I'll see you at the range!

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