I am a volcanologist/igneous petrologist/geochemist interested in several areas of magmatic processes.  My current research focuses broadly on applying whole rock and in situ techniques to evaluate histories of silicic magma bodies and crust-building timescales. I primarily use in situ U–Pb dating, O and Hf isotope compositions, and trace element profiles in zircon, as well as whole-rock Pb, Nd, and Hf isotopic compositions, major and trace elements, and glass compositions in my research.  For more information on my research activities, please see the Research + Interests page.

Recent GeoTrips

IAVCEI Kagoshima, Japan 2013

Iceland Field Work 2013

Iceland Field Work 2014

IAVCEI Madeira, Portugal 2014

Iceland Field Work 2016

Iceland Field Work 2017

Cities on Volcanoes 10, Italy 2018