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T.Y. Wang is Professor of Political Science at Illinois State University.  He received his B.A. in Public Administration from National Chung-hsing University, M.A. in Political Science from National Taiwan University and his Ph.D. in Political Science from State University of New York at Buffalo.  He also received quantitative training at Inter‑University Consortium for Political and Social Research, University of Michigan.  He was the Coordinator of the Conference Group of Taiwan Studies (CGOTS) of the American Political Science Association and a visiting professor at Political Science Department, National Chengchi University, Fall of 2005.  He is currently the co-editor of the Journal of Asian and African Studies and Associated Director of ISU Office of International Studies and Programs in charge of international linkages.


Professor Wang’s research focuses on Taiwanese national identity, cross-Strait relations, US policy towards China and Taiwan and research methodology.  He has published articles in such scholarly journals as the American Political Science Review, Arab Studies Quarterly, Asian Survey, Cambridge Review of International Affairs, International Journal of Public Administration, International Studies Quarterly, Issues and Studies, Journal of Asian and African Studies, Journal of Peace Research, and Journal of Political and Military Sociology.  His most recent publications include “Symbolic Politics, Self-interests and Threat Perceptions: An Analysis of Taiwan Citizens’ Views on Cross-Strait Economic Exchanges.” In Wei-chin Lee ed. Taiwan’s Politics in the 21st Century (2010, co-authored), “Economic Rationality and National Security: Taiwan’s New Government and the Global Economic Recession,” in Asia Program Special Report (Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, 2009), The Rise of China and its Emerging Grand Strategy (guest editor, special Issue of Journal of Asian and African Studies, 2008), “Political Tolerance in Taiwan: Democratic Elitism in a Polity under Threat.” Social Science Quarterly (2008, co-authored), Quantitative Analysis in Political Science (in Chinese) (Beijing: China Renmin University Press, 2007), China After the 16th Party Congress: Prospects and Challenges (editor, 2005), Taiwan’s National Identity and Democratization (guest editor, special Issue of the Journal of Asian and African Studies, 2005), “The Effects of Political Participation on Political Efficacy,” Taiwanese Political Science Review (in Chinese) (2007, co-authored) and “Political Tolerance in a Democracy under External Threats,” Political Research Quarterly (2006, co-authored).  His forthcoming publications include “Taiwan’s Expansion of International Space: Opportunities and Challenges.” Journal of Contemporary China (co-authored) and “Cross-strait Rapprochement and US Policy toward the Taiwan Issue.” Issues and Studies.


       Professor Wang has received research grants from a variety of foundations, including the Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation, the National Science Foundation, the Pacific Cultural Foundation and the World Society Foundation.  He has been frequently invited to conduct lectures and present papers in China, Japan, Germany, Taiwan and the United States.  Professor Wang is on the Editorial Board of the Taiwanese Political Science Review and the Journal of East Asian Studies.