Psychological Assessment Research Team

Team Leader W. Joel Schneider, Ph.D.
Office:  DeGarmo 447
Phone:  (309) 438-8410
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Are you interested in psychological assessment research?

Join Our Team!

Participating as a member of this research team will be worth credit in PSY 290.01 (Research Apprenticeship). Honors students may take IDS 285 for honors credit. Students may sign up for 3 credit hours with the understanding that they will commit to 3 hours of work per week for every credit hour (9 hours per week). Scheduling is generally flexible. Grades are based solely on professionalism, courtesy, and conscientiousness.

Current Projects:

ADHD Assessment (Why do attention tests and questionnaire ratings of attention problems have such low correlations?)

Assessment of Cognitive Abilities (What is the structure of different aspects of intelligence and why does it matter to assess them?)

Executive Functions (How do people engage in planning, self-control, and self-regulation?)

Individual Differences (How are personality and intelligence related?)

Team members acquire important skills such as:

Measuring attention-related problems by observing children in school settings

Administering psychological tests measuring attention, memory, reasoning, and personality