Catherine O'Reilly


Analysis of water and soil samples


Sample analyses and instrumentation for ISU and beyond

LEA has capacity to analyze water and soil samples for a range of analytes. The most common analyses are for dissolved phosphorus, nitrate, ammonium, total phosphorus, total nitrogen and suspended solids in surface and groundater samples. LEA also regularly analyses digested soil samples for nitrogen and phosphorus.

Most analyses are done on a Lachat Flow Injection Analyses instrument or a Dionex Ion Chromatograph. We use EPA-approved methods and QA/QC procedures for all analyses.

LEA also analyzes samples for external clients.


     Dr. Bill Perry, Director

Management and training provide opportunities for students

The Laboratory is overseen by a director (Dr. Bill Perry) and personnel manager (Dr. Catherine O'Reilly). Daily operations are coordinated by a laboratory manager/research technician. A university facility, LEA staff include graduate and undergraduate students, providing them with a unique opportunity to learn about methods, instrumentation, and the operation of a high-quality analytical laboratory.

Current lab personnel

     Victoria Heath, Manager and Research Technician

Graduate student staff:

     Jamie Young

     Joe Miller

     Nicole Kappel

     Luke Lampo


Undergraduate student staff:

     Allyson Hanlin

     Eric Deck

     Daniel Dallstream

     Everett Woods

     Stephanie Dywer

LS-AMP undergraduate interns:

     Christa and Crystal

The Laboratory for Environmental Analysis (LEA) is a shared laboratory facility at Illinois State University. Faculty and students from the School of Biological Sciences, the Department of Geography-Geology, and the Department of Agriculture are the primary users. LEA is housed in a newly renovated space in Felmley Science Annex.